50pm: speciaal magazine voor de iPad

Het online magazine Bite! en Daylight Magazine hebben samen een fotoblad ontwikkeld dat vanaf vandaag beschikbaar is in de iTunes store. Onder de naam 50pm is een magazine speciaal voor de iPad gemaakt, te beginnen met meer dan 50 beelden, twee geschreven essays, en met aparte layouts voor een staande en liggende positie van het tablet. Beschikbaar voor 1,59 euro.
Video preview van 50pm

Meer: 50 pm in de iTunes store

Er is ook een light versie voor de iPhone gemaakt meteen preview.

De Engelse toelichting:

Bite! magazine and Daylight Magazine jointly announce the release of 50pm, a monthly collection of fine art photography portfolios with themes that are close to us all and the first portfolio based photography magazine developed especially for the iPad.

Our first issue – Family Matters – will be in app stores worldwide the day after tomorrow (Dec7). It comprises beautiful portfolios by Chris Verene, Hee Jin Kang, Mami Kiyoshi and Elizabeth Clark Libert, four artists who share inside views of their own families. It covers American family life of various social classes and a Japanese family set against a recreation of paradise. Each of these artists has connected with their family to create a beautiful, strong and often touching photo story.

This is a new and exciting medium, that aims at connecting documentary photography to larger audiences. We are working on releasing a Spanish version for Latin American app stores and a Chinese version for the Chinese app store.

Our vision:

50pm – the iPad magazine is a collaboration between Bite! magazine (bitemagazine.net, Dutch, online) and Daylight Magazine (daylightmagazine.org, US, print and online). Both magazines feature fine art and documentary photography of the highest standards.

Our joint iPad magazine aims at reaching larger audiences worldwide, we do so by building each issue around a theme the general audience can relate to, striking a balance between outstanding documentary and fine art photography on the one hand and the general public’s desire to be informed and entertained on the other. The common ground for these two is found in supreme storytelling.

We believe that this vision can contribute to the photography community as much as to the general public and we hope to help in building a new playing ground on which great photography can be supported directly by a great audience that gets informed and inspired by that photography. Added functionality comes from adding at least two written essays in each issue.

As an inspirational magazine, 50PM: Issue 1: Family Matters is an absolute must have for non-photographers and photography enthusiasts alike. Family is important to us all and we guarantee that you will revisit these beautiful photo stories time and time again to be entertained, moved and inspired!

More info: http://www.50pm.net/50pm/