7.7 publiceert zevende digitaal magazine

Van het digitale magazine voor documentaire fotografie 7.7 is begin deze maand het zevende nummer verschenen. Het toont fotoverhalen van onder meer Matt Black en Josh Birnbaum en een interview met Donald Weber. Bovendien is er een multimediale productie van Supayfotos.
Uit het ‘manifest’ van 7.7, een initiatief van fotografen en vormgevers in Barcelona:
‘We don’t care about the photo. We care even less about a photographic project. We care about the stories. And the way of looking at things.

Many times we’ve thought about those stories that, as documentary photographers, we wanted to give refuge. And we knew that they were not going to be like the work which we’ve seen so many times and with which we’ve grown up: a map of icons in exotic places where only terrible things happen and where people are just unhappy. A world of black or white, distant and different from the world around us.

And this is how we came to understand the need for a photography of proximity and profundity, a photography where the stories that are told contain all the hues found in this world we live in. Stories told with photos that create a link, that provoke thinking; a thinking as complex as reality, without good guys or bad guys, without heroes or villains.’