Essay Susan Sontag over Amerikaanse martelingen

Het New York Times Magazine publiceerde afgelopen weekend een essay van Susan Sontag onder de kop ‘Regarding the Tortures of Others’. De schrijfster van het toonaangevende boek Regarding the Pain of Others, over schokkende foto’s, buigt zich in het artikel over de martelfoto’s uit de gevangenis Abu Ghraib in Bagdad.
Ze rekent rigoureus af met het beleid van Bush: ‘The notion that apologies or professions of ”disgust” by the president and the secretary of defense are a sufficient response is an insult to one’s historical and moral sense. The torture of prisoners is not an aberration. It is a direct consequence of the with-us-or-against-us doctrines of world struggle with which the Bush administration has sought to change, change radically, the international stance of the United States and to recast many domestic institutions and prerogatives. The Bush administration has committed the country to a pseudo-religious doctrine of war, endless war — for ”the war on terror” is nothing less than that. Endless war is taken to justify endless incarcerations.’

• Lees het hele verhaal in: The New York Times. (NB: vanaf nu alleen nog te lezen tegen betaling.)
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