Gesprek met Stéphanie Solinas in Foam

Op maandag 7 mei, komt de Franse fotografe Stéphanie Solinas naar Foam voor een artist talk. Het werk van Solinas is op dit moment te zien in de Foam 3h tentoonstelling Sans Titre (Monsieur Bertillon). Na een inleiding door Solinas volgt nog een interview door Taco Hidde Bakker.
Uit de Engelse toelichting:

Solinas will talk about how photography (through the system of Alphonse Bertillon) created the possibility of an inversion in the way power is applied to individuals through representation of their identity. In modern society, according to Solinas, power is no longer in the hands of those who are monitored, but in the hands of those who do the watching, using photography as a tool for this. After the lecture there will be a Q&A led by Taco Hidde Bakker. Taco is a researcher, photo historian and text and picture editor.

In the exhibition Sans Titre (Monsieur Bertillon), Stéphanie Solinas (France, 1978) investigates the identification system invented by Alphonse Bertillon in the 1880’s. Bertillon (Paris, 1853 – 1914) was a French police officer who developed ‘judicial anthropometry’, based on physical measurements and photography.

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