Hendrik Kerstens in New-Yorkse galerie Witzenhausen

De Amsterdamse galerie Witzenhausen heeft sinds kort een vestiging in New York, en daar wordt vanaf 10 september nieuw werk van Hendrik Kerstens geëxposeerd onder de titel Hexameron.
Het Engelse persbericht:

On September 10, Jacob Witzenhausen’s long-established Amsterdam gallery proudly presents Hendrik Kerstens’ new series ‘Hexameron’ in their new Chelsea gallery. Witzenhausen and Kertsens bring Dutch light to New York. The photographs by Hendrik Kerstens (1956) bring to mind the paintings of Johannes Vermeer (1632-1675). Both artists demonstrate their mastery in the control of lighting with a scrupulous eye for the subtle expressions of materials.

The myth of the Dutch light was born in the 19th century when the first book about the special light had been published. From 1850 Holland was a country were many writers and painters got inspired: Monet, Manet, Liebermann, Whistler, Boudin, Fromentin, Thore-Burger, Mirbeau. Many American, German, French and English writers, painters and photographers came to Holland to absorb the famous paintings of the 17th century and the typical Dutch landscapes with their own eyes. The consciousness of light is a true sensation.

Hendrik Kerstens
Kerstens uses photography as a private diary, to register the ordinary and exceptional events in the life of his daughter Paula. "I take someone today with modern tastes and portray her in the style of the 17th-century masters. It’s a way for me to shake up the concept of time." Drawing all the attention to Paula’s expressive face and eyes infuses the work with poetic qualities.

Witzenhausen Gallery
Was founded in 1989 in Amsterdam by art expert Jacob Witzenhausen. Witzenhausen Gallery is specialized –in the broadest sense of the word- in representing and promoting contemporary, groundbreaking artists on an international level. The galleries are a the backdrop for many great works by an amazing scala of contemporary, innovative and upcoming artists. Witzenhausen discovered artists like Victor & Rolf, Inez van Lamsweerde, Anton Corbijn, Micha Klein, Fiona Tan, Teun Hocks and many others. Besides our activities in Amsterdam, we give high priority to being present at well known international art fairs as Paris Photo, Berliner Liste, Scope Miami, Art Rotterdam, pAn Amsterdam, Scope New York, DiVA New York and CIRCA Puerto Rico.

Hendrik Kerstens
September 10 – October 11, 2008

Witzenhausen Gallery | NY
547 west 27th street
5th floor
between 10th & 11th avenue