Jimmy Page maakt autobiografie in vorm fotoboek

Led Zeppelin-gitarist Jimmy Page heeft een autobiografie samengesteld met meer dan 650 foto’s. Page is een man van weinig woorden, vandaar. Het boek verschijnt in beperkte oplage, 2500 exemplaren, alle gesigneerd, en kost inclusief verzenden ruim 550 euro. In de New York Times vertelt hij over de drastische veranderingen die zich de afgelopen decennia hebben voorgedaan in de manier waarop sterren omgaan met fotografie.
Page: ‘ I didn’t really come from a generation where photographs were taken all the time. It was quite a ritual to have photographs taken, even family ones. I guess that sort of stuck with me. I’ve never been the one jumping in front of the camera, whereas with other people it’s second nature to do that.’
‘Of course, for musicians today, that’s one of most important aspects of how you’re projecting yourself. Your playing might be good, but you have to look damn good as well, to follow it up. I never really bothered.’
‘I may have been interested in dressing, and how I looked to fit the bill, but I wasn’t really making a point of making myself get photographed all over the place. I sort of paid the price for that when doing this book.’

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