Multimedia-prijzen World Press Photo voor Time en MediaStorm

In de drie categorieën van de World Press Photo Multimedia Contest zijn vandaag de winnaars bekend gemaakt. Winnaar bij Short Feature is Behind the Video of Eric Garner’s Deadly Confrontation With New York Police, gemaakt door de redactie van Time Magazine. Winnaar Long Feature is The Long Night van Tim Matsui, geproduceerd door Mediastorm. Winnaar Interactive Documentary is {The And} van Skin Deep.

Het Engelse persbericht van de organisatie:

The international jury of the 2015 World Press Photo Multimedia Contest has awarded seven productions in three categories: Short Feature, Long Feature and Interactive Documentary. View all the winners in the online gallery here:  

Lars Boering, managing director World Press Photo, says: “After organizing the multimedia contest for five years, we can clearly see growth, both in the quality and quantity of the entries received, as well as in the audience that consumes these journalistic productions. World Press Photo has kept and will keep track of the developments in digital storytelling and will share them with people worldwide.”

Overview of top prizes:

Title: Behind the Video of Eric Garner’s Deadly Confrontation With New York Police

Director and Reporter: Paul Moakley
Camera: Ramsey Orta
Edited by: Raymond Chu
Story by: Josh Sanburn
Executive Producers: Kira Pollack and Ian Orefice
Organization: Time


Title: The Long Night

Director: Tim Matsui
Produced by: MediaStorm
Cinematography: Tim Matsui
Field Producer: Tim Matsui
Editor and Producer: Tim McLaughlin
Additional Cinematography: Carey Wagner
Motion Graphics: Joe Fuller
Composer: Nandi Rose Plunkett
Player Design & Development: Tim Klimowicz, Shameel Arafin, David Kofahl
Social Media: Eileen Mignoni, Cortney Cleveland
Partnership Development: Samia Khan
Executive Producer: Brian Storm
Organization: MediaStorm


Title: {The And}

{The And} is presented by The Skin Deep in collaboration with Deep Focus and Topaz Adizes.

Director/Writer: Topaz Adizes
Creative Director/Writer: Nathan Phillips

The Skin Deep:
Producers: Julia Gorbach, Heran Abate
Associate Producer: Carla Tramullas
Camera Operator: Topaz Adizes
Camera Assistants: Adhat Campos, Julia Gorbach
Editor: Christopher McNabb
Additional Editors: Armando Croda, Sebastian Diaz
Sound Editor: Dan Dzula
Color Correction: Na Thirakomen
Production Assistants: Chloe Levine, Alex Gorbach, Ayla Wayman

Deep Focus:
Executive Creative Director: Jeff Sikaitis
Design: Mikell Fine Iles
Developers: Mark Edgington, Jerry Bai, Ricky Bacon
Digital Producer: Jordan Makow
Project Manager: Ryan Rulli
QA: Sara Tabor

For the full list of winners in all three categories, please see:

Insight into the jury’s decisions
Jury member Barbara Davidson reflected on the second-prize Short Feature winner, ‘Fighting Ebola Outbreak Street by Street’: “Ebola was a huge story. It was a big epidemic and for this filmmaker to make it smaller, for us to empathize with it, was very effective. That’s our role as journalists, to not only educate, but to call upon us to empathize with what we’re seeing and to hopefully bring about some change or awareness.”

Marianne Lévy-Leblond, jury chair, said about the winner Interactive Documentary: “This production stands out because you get moved by it and it is made with tools you can only find on the net. ‘Scrolly-telling’ pieces have been very present the last couple of years. This winner is trying to find its own devices to tell its story.”

You can also find downloadable and embeddable video interviews with jury members for each of the winning productions on the World Press Photo Vimeo account and here: These interviews will provide insight into the jury’s decisions with clips from the winning productions.The entries, the judging and the jury
The judging was conducted at the World Press Photo office in Amsterdam, where the jury viewed all the entries and discussed their merits. This year, 352 productions were submitted to the contest: 221 Short Features, 73 Long Features, and 58 Interactive Documentaries.

2015 Multimedia Jury
• Marianne Lévy-Leblond, France, head of web productions and transmedia projects ARTE France

Short and Long Feature:
• Dan Chung, UK, cameraman, multimedia journalist and blogger
• Hussain Currimbhoy, Australia/USA, documentary programmer Sundance Film Festival
• Barbara Davidson, Canada, staff photojournalist Los Angeles Times
• Bob Sacha, USA, Tow Professor of visual journalism, CUNY Graduate School of Journalism

Interactive Documentary:
• Samuel Bollendorff, France, photojournalist and interactive documentary director
• Louis-Richard Tremblay, Canada, producer National Film Board of Canada (NFB)
• Adnaan Wasey, USA, executive producer POV Digital, Public Broadcasting Service (PBS)
• Sarah Wolozin, USA, director Open Documentary Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

• David Griffin, USA, owner DGriffinStudio

The top prizes in all three categories will be awarded a cash prize of 1,500 euros and a Golden Eye Award. Winners of second and third prizes (features categories only) receive a Golden Eye Award and a diploma. The prizes will be presented during the 2015 Awards Days in Amsterdam, 24 and 25 April.

The multimedia contest is set up separately from the annual photo contest: different rules of entry apply, and the entries are judged by different teams of jury members.
You can find further information on the 2015 Multimedia Contest, including biographies of the jury members and contest category definitions here:

World Press Photo Multimedia in De Nieuwe Kerk
The prize-winning productions will be presented with the winning images of the 2015 Photo Contest in Amsterdam, De Nieuwe Kerk, from 18 April – 05 July. More information about the exhibition can be found here: