Nog week voor opgeven post-academische HISK-cursus

Het Hoger Instituut voor Schone Kunsten in Gent biedt de komende een post-academische opleiding visuele en audiovisuele kunst. Er is plek voor 13 Belgische en buitenlandse kunstenaars. De studie loopt van begin 2016 tot eind 2017. Aanmelden kan nog tot 15 juni.

De Engelse oproep:

The HISK (Hoger Instituut voor Schone Kunsten / Higher Institute for Fine Arts) offers a two-year post academic course in visual and audio-visual art. The institute provides 26 young artists from Belgium and abroad with a work space of their own. The emphasis at the institute lies on individual practice. The programme aims to achieve a practical balance between study in the studio, discussions with visiting lecturers, workshops, reading groups, field trips and public presentations. The international and culturally diverse composition of the candidate laureate group makes for cross-pollination and dialogue. The diversity of the international visiting lecturers (artists, curators, critics, theoreticians…) provides a framework within which the candidate laureates learn to view their own work with a critical eye. The unique HISK concept allows participants every opportunity to invest in critical research for their work within a broader artistic, cultural and societal context. At the end of the two years, the artist receives a ‘Laureate of the Higher Institute for Fine Arts’ certificate. Since 1997, 217 laureates have graduated from the institute. The majority of them are now pursuing successful professional careers in the international art world.
The HISK is officially recognized as a higher educational institute and is financed by the Flemish Community (the Ministry of Education) and supported by the City of Gent.

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