Noor Images zoekt stevige stagiaire

Het fotoagentschap Noor Images is op zoek naar een stagiaire voor vijf maanden die het collectief van fotografen kan bijstaan in marketing en administratie.

De Engelse omschrijving van de vacature:

NOOR is looking for an ambitious, pro-active, and enthusiastic intern with a strong affinity for communications, world affairs, and documentary photography, who enjoys working independently within a small flexible team.

NOOR offers four-month internships, during which interns learn the business and agency side of photojournalism. The NOOR office team consists of three full time employees and one intern. Along with general administrative and office assistance, our interns have the opportunity to learn hands-on skills required for the spectrum of NOOR’s work – including communications, social media, sales, handling materials, visual edits, and special projects production. You can read more about previous interns’ experiences in their testimonies below.

An internship position is available beginning September 28, 2015 and ending on January 29, 2016, full time (5 days a week, Monday – Friday). The applicant should be available to commit to the full term of the internship.

Accurate knowledge of English in both journalistic writing and speaking is essential. Additional language skills are welcome. Experience and knowledge of WordPress, CMS, Photoshop and Bridge will be useful. A candidate well-versed on social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – is desirable.

We love working with interns who are keen to learn, take initiative, perform well on deadline, have strong skills in prioritizing work, and have an eye for detail.

In order to be considered for an internship at our office in Amsterdam, several things need to be in order. Please understand that if you don’t qualify, unfortunately you will not be contacted:

1) You must to be able to support yourself during the internship, including finding and paying for your own accommodation. NOOR’s internship allowance is net EUR 300/month.

2) You must be legally allowed to work in Europe, i.e. be an EU citizen, or hold an EU residence, passport, or work permit. *Please confirm this requirement in your motivation letter.

3) Your English must be fluent (spoken and written).

Interested? Please send your application, including motivation letter* (maximum one page) and CV (maximum 2 pages) to, by Sunday, August 9, 2015.Applications received after August 9 will not be considered.

*In your motivation letter, please include your social media handles if used for professional or research interests (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram), and a link to your website if you have one.

If the interest is mutual, you will be contacted for an interview. We look forward to receiving your application!


From photographer and freelance photography project coordinator Dario Bosio: What skills did you develop interning at NOOR?

Learning how to deal with different professional characters in the photo industry, learning an archival method, improving my editing skills, learning how to improvise and act promptly when necessary, working on multiple tasks at the same time, undertaking responsibility for what I am doing, and working under pressure.

How have you used those skills in what you are doing now?

After eight months working at 10b Photography, I am now working as a freelance project coordinator for photography related initiatives and I can say that without my internship at NOOR I would not even have considered the idea of doing what I am doing now.

All the skills that I started developing during my internship have developed and became crucial during the last year, but I can say that I started myrofessional life at NOOR.

I am also a documentary photographer, and working at NOOR gave the opportunity of reflecting and thinking about documentary photography on a deeper level, it was like a constant workshop.

What did you learn at NOOR, which you may not have otherwise learned (at school)?

That shooting the pictures is perhaps not even 10% of what Photography is about. After shooting, comes the people behind the desks, and that’s where the things happen. Ihad the opportunity to see what the other 90% of photography is about.

What was your favorite part about the internship?

Understanding for that those dream-like characters that are the photographers I studied in school are just real people in the end, but incredibly more interesting than what I expected when I was looking up to them.

From photographer and Metrography Photo Agency Editor-in-Chief Stefano Carini: What skills did you develop interning at NOOR?

I became sharper and faster at editing and sequencing the visual work of the photographers, developed management skills and sales strategy.

How have you used those skills in what you are doing now?

I am applying these skills the structure of Metrography agency and our approach to the market. The editing skills I use in my personal work and at Metrography.

What did you learn at NOOR, which you may not have otherwise learned (at school)?

I learned how an international agency functions, its structure and its dynamics, I learned what is behind the work of the photojournalist – the business side – how to write proposals for more personal project, how to approach clients with ideas, how to pitch stories, how to create an audience through a combined use of social media, images and website, and much more.

What was your favorite part about the internship?

It was the learning process, which was a steep and fast learning curve. And you get to study the entire body of work of an amazing group of people and photographers.