Parijs-foto’s naar mus-mus

De organisatie, een anonieme groep fotoliefhebbers met een website, roept fotografen op om foto’s in te zenden voor hun Paris-project: een grote online verzameling van foto’s gemaakt in Parijs. De inzendingen worden gejureerd door Stephen Shore en Gil Blank.
De engelstalige oproep:

Mus-Mus will strive to use the ease and power of the web combined with the talents and camaraderie of the global photography community to develop a striking online archive of images. This time the focus is around this singular place, Paris, as seen through the vision of photographers from all parts of the world.

It is fitting that Paris, lovingly called "The City of Light" should have been one of the first and most thoroughly photographic and photographed places on earth. The list of Paris’ photographers runs from Daguerre and Nadar to Brassai, Doisneau, Cartier-Bresson and from Atget to Man Ray, Kertez and Klein and many more, a remarkable number of photography’s greatest artists made their mark ‘a travers’ Paris. Their photographs and publications have fixed in our mind’s eye a vision of Paris that is beautiful, often as edgy as elegant, and always complex.

The rules are simple:

1. submit one photograph taken by you in Paris before July 14th, 2009 (JPEG format, 72dpi, 1000 pixels larger side, Srgb Please name your file this way: SurnameName.jpg). Photo can be taken for the project or chosen from your archives. 2. include information about the date, the place and some brief statement about the photograph and its relationship to your sense of Paris. 3. certify that the submission information is correct and that the photograph is previously unpublished and that the copyright is yours. 4. Curriculum Vitae together with your website and email 5. be older than 18 year old.

Please check the complete submission guidelines, technical details and conditions at !

We look forward to seeing what you see. And thanks in advance for sharing your wonderful work and participation.