Quality Matters: 10 interviews Fotoboekenmarathon

We filmed interviews with ten particpating speakers at the Fotoboekenmarathon (photo books marathon), held on December 16, 2012 at the photography museum Huis Marseille in Amsterdam. Central question is: how to maintain high quality given the enormous quantity of photo books? Watch and listen to Els Barents, Olaf Otto Becker, David Galjaard, Jacqueline Hassink, Francis Hodgson, Rob Hornstra, Axel Hütte, Paul Kooiker, Simone Nieweg and Vivane Sassen.
Vimeo Channel Fotoboekenmarathon: Quality Matters

Some typical quotes:

Francis Hodgson: ‘We need to establish some kind of shared vocabulary – the things that matter.’

Els Barents: ‘It makes your blood stream. You get an almost physical reaction.’

Rob Hornstra: ‘Most important is that I work in a team. Together we have a lot of discussions. We are not afraid of a good fight with each other.’

David Galjaard: ‘For me the best way to make a good book is working without concessions.’

Axel Hütte: ‘You have to work with the top lay outers, the top publisher, the top printer on a top topic or theme.’

Simone Nieweg: ‘I take my time.’

Olaf Otto Becker: ‘I have to do the decisions.’

Paul Kooiker: ‘I need a lot of photographs to tell my story. That is why a book is a very good way too show my work.’

Viviane Sassen: ‘It has to be simple and classic, but has to have a modern twist. Quite a challenge.’

Jacqueline Hassink: ‘It is very rare that I see a book that is incredibly produced or brilliantly put together. A few books every year.’