Rapport openingsweek Arles

De fameuze eerste week van het Franse fotofestival in Arles is weer ten einde. Boekwinketljes ingepakt, tentjes opgerold en hopelijk een hoop nieuwe contacten in telefoons en adresboekjes. Misschien zelfs een hoofd vol mooie indrukken van alles wat er te zien en te doen was. De organisatie doet verslag van de week in cijfers en hoogtepunten, waaronder de uitgedeelde prijzen.
Hier volgt het integrale persbericht in het Engels:

The 43rd edition is dedicated to A French School to mark the occasion of the 30 year anniversary of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Photographie (ENSP).

On July 8, Aurélie Filippetti, Minister of Culture and Communication, paid a visit to the exhibitions of the Rencontres d’Arles, as well as to the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Photographie (ENSP) and the Vers la lune en passant par la plage (To the Moon, Via the Beach) exhibition organised by the LUMA Foundation.

Admission numbers during the Opening Week:
11,406 visitors, of which 3228 professionals, came from around the world to attend the Rencontres d’Arles during the 6 days from July 2 to 8, thereby confirming the success of the Opening Week.More than 600 journalists, from more than 30 countries, were accredited. Although predominantly from Europe, an increased presence of the international press from Algeria, Belgium, Brazil, Great Britain, Japan, Italy, Russia, Scandinavia, Spain and Switzerland was also noted.

Evening events at the Théâtre Antique:
An average of 1430 spectators per evening over the 4 days of these events.

8th edition of the Night of the Year:
For the first time, the Night of the Year took over the Trinquetaille neighbourhood, with 14 screens installed along the quays. It was again a huge success, like it has been ever since its inception.

From July 4 to 6, the ‘Intensities of Photography’ symposium took place at the Théâtre d?Arles, bringing together around 320 participants. The encounter/conversation between Josef Koudelka and François Hébel, which took place at the Théâtre Municipal, met with huge success, attracting more than 350 people.

Public encounters and conversations:
Many festival-goers attended the public encounters and conversations, along with the live radio broadcasts by France Inter and France Culture concerning the exhibition themes, which took place each afternoon in the courtyard of the Rencontres d’Arles office.

The 2012 Rencontres d?Arles Discovery Award:
The Rencontres d’Arles Discovery Award, supported by the LUMA Foundation, is given to a photographer or an artist who makes use of photography and whose work has recently been discovered, or deserves to be known internationally. The award has a value of €25,000 and is announced after a vote by photography professionals present during the Opening Week.
Winner: Jonathan Torgovnik. Born in 1969 in Israel. Lives and works in Cape Town, South Africa, presented by Tadashi Ono.
Jonathan Torgovnik is a graduate of the School of Visual Arts (SVA) in New York, where he studied photography and art. His Intended Consequences (Conséquences attendues) is a series of portraits of women in Rwanda, who were subjected to sexual violence during the genocide, and of the children born of this violence. ‘Over three years, I travelled several times to Rwanda to photograph and carry out interviews, with the aim of revealing the details of these hideous crimes, perpetrated on the mothers of these children. Many of the women contracted HIV from their abusers – men from the militia – and, for a very long time, found it difficult to talk about these experiences. They are haunted by the shame of rape and the fact that they became pregnant as a result of this crime, bearing unwanted children, when the children’s fathers were often responsible for the death of the women’s entire families.’ – Jonathan Torgovnik.

Members of the jury presided over by Jean-Noël Jeanneney:
Philipp S. Block, John Fleetwood, Marion Hislen, Tadashi Ono, Jyrki Parantainen, Olivier Richon.
Winner:Les livres de photographies d’Amérique Latine (The Photography Books of Latin America)
Author: Horacio Fernandez
Publisher/Publishing date: Images en Manoeuvres, Marseille, November 2011
€8000, shared between the author and the publisher.

Members of the jury presided over by Jean-Noël Jeanneney:
Philipp S. Block, John Fleetwood, Marion Hislen, Tadashi Ono, Jyrki Parantainen, Olivier Richon.
Winner: Redheaded Peckerwood
Author: Christian Patterson
Publisher/publishing date: MACK, London, October 2011
€8000, shared between the author and the publisher.
The book awards are supported by the Fnac.

More than 350 people registered to participant in the workshops in spring and in July/August, being a 5% increase.

Photo Folio Review:
104 experts, 239 registered participants.

Back to School with Images: from September 6 to 21, 2012:
On the initiative of the Rencontres d?Arles, with support from the Ministry of National Education (SCEREN, CNDP) and the DRAC PACA, region PACA, the ninth edition of Back to School with Images will allow more than 10,000 students, from kindergarten to the Masters level, accompanied by 700 teachers, the opportunity of spending a full day at the Rencontres involved in three activities selected by the teachers – exhibition visits, screenings, practical workshops, encounters with exhibiting artists, discovery tour – and with backup support from professional liaison staff.

The 2012 Rencontres d?Arles budget:
€6 million exclusive of tax: 46% public funding; 37% revenue generated by the Rencontres (ticket sales, by-products, etc.), 17% private partnerships.