Re: gevonden fotografie in België

Maarten Dings, Joachim Naudts en Egon van Herreweghe vormen samen Re:, een groep die zich bezighouft met gevonden fotografie.
In een Engels persbericht melden ze hun komende activiteiten:

• RE: is invited for an artist talk on found photography at Recyclart in Brussels. On Friday 28th of May the three of us will each give a short performance/lecture about our love for the vernacular.

Other contributors to this evening are Erik Kessels, La Trocambulante, Johan Daenen and more.

Friday 28/05/2010 – 20:00 // 5 euro

For full program and more info click here.

• Our column 1000 words for EXTRA (magazine of the Antwerp Photo Museum) will be dedicated to Rudy Kousbroek, who recently passed away. Rudy Kousbroek was a Dutch writer who published three extraordinary books about his literary photo collections called ‘Fotosynteses’. As a tribute we will show two short essays taken from that books, accompanied by a text about Kousbroek written by Belgian poet Paul Demets.

EXTRA05 will be in stores at the beginning of June. For more info visit

• Finally, mark your agenda’s for an exhibition RE: is currently curating for Vzw Punctum.

We are excited to present A GROUP SHOW. An exhibition in progress that focuses on an alternative approach to the photographic object and emphasizes the way images are being incorporated by artists, and how photography is used in an (often associative) game of construction and deconstruction of the medium itself.

Following wonderful artists will be participating:

Edward Clydesdale Thomson (UK), Sara Deraedt (BE), Eva-Fiore Kovacovsky (CH), Anouk Kruithof (NL), Alexandra Leykauf (DE), Valérie Mannaerts (B), Michèle Matyn (BE), Saskia Noor van Imhoff (NL), Jimmy Robert(FR), Dominique Somers (BE), Tania Theodorou (EL), Kathleen Vinck (BE), Claudia Weber (DE)

04/09/2010 till 31/09/2010 – Croxhapox Ghent.

More info about the show can be found here.