Rijksmuseum vraagt wederom fotohistorische onderzoekers

Het Rijksmuseum is net als in eerdere jaren op zoek naar enkele kunst- of fotohistorici die voorstellen hebben voor een goed onderzoek naar aspecten van de fotografie in de 19de en 20ste eeuw. Het gaat om een projcet dat financieel mogelijk is gemaakt door het Manfred en Hanna Heiting Fonds.
Hier volgt de Engelse tekst:

The Rijksmuseum Amsterdam announces the research programme for photo-historical Research in the Print Room of the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam. Funding for this project has been provided by the Manfred and Hanna Heiting Fund: two grants per annum, for the duration 6 months per grant, over a new period of 5 years.

Aim: to research subject(s) – photographs (19th, as well as 20th century photography), series, photobooks, albums- in the National Photo-collection at the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam.

Requirements for applicants: Talented post-graduates in Art History or the History of Photography.

Required result: a paper or an article, to be submitted.

Starting : We want to start February 2010, in the premises of the Print Room/Library/Study Room and Collections of the Rijksmuseum at the Frans van Mierisstraat 90-94 Amsterdam. Applicants can work in the Study Room of the Print Room of the Rijksmuseum.

Proposals to be written in English!

Closing date for proposals : 1 November 2009

If you happen to know of talented students/graduates, please inform them

If you want to know more about the Manfred and Hanna Heiting Fund and its aims, please contact us.
Drs. Mattie Boom
Drs. Hans Rooseboom
Curators of Photography, Print Room Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

Christiane Kuhlmann, Richard Tepe: Photography of Nature in the Netherlands 1900-1940
Laetitia Dujardin, Ethnics and Trade: Photography and the Colonial Exhibitions in Amsterdam, Antwerp and Brussels
Rakia Faber, Louis Heldring: Amateur Photographer in the Middle East 1898
David Odo, Unknown Japan: Reconsidering 19th-century Photographs
Christina Natlacen, New Ways of Scientific Visualization: A.L. Donnadieu’s ‘La photographie des objets immergés’
Petra Steinhardt, Going into detail. Photography and its use at the Drawing and Design Schools of Amsterdam 1880-1910
Tamara Berghmans, The Making of a Photobook. Sanne Sannes’ Maquette for Diary of an Erotomaniac

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