Van Lamsweerde en Matadin in Gagosian Parijs

Heb je de overzichtstentoonstelling van Inez van Lamsweerde en Vinoodh Matadin de afgelopen jaren gemist in Amsterdam, Sao Paolo of Dallas? Geen nood, tot en met 9 maart hangt het werk, aangevuld met nieuwe foto’s, in de Parijse vestiging van de Gagosian Gallery.
Uit het Engelse persbericht:

‘For the Paris exhibition, individual works have been sized to be installed edge to edge in trios, creating momentary associations between works from different epochs and of diverse subjects and origins. In one pairing, a close-cropped black and white portrait of a prone Lady Gaga is offset by a horizontal arrangement of a single anemone, a carnation, and dark calla lilies; in a trio, the back of a long-haired youth is placed alongside Gaga as her alter ego Joe and an exquisite study of lilies-of-the-valley. In another, a fabulous three-headed female Janus stands next to a supine androgynous figure on a scarlet sofa and some long-stemmed yellow roses.’

Gagosian Gallery: Inez & Vinoodh