Website Face On wint ontwerpprijs

De website Face On, uitwerking van een tentoonstelling met portretten van Getty-fotografen die deze week nog is te zien in het Fotomuseum Antwerpen, heeft een ‘merit award’ gewonnen bij de European Design Awards.
De website biedt een bijzonder interactief programma. Bezoekers kunnen niet alleen foto’s aan de virtuele museumwand bekijken, ze kunnen ook zelf portretten uploaden.

Het ontwerp van de site is van Louise-Lotte Brekelmans van de firma Boondoggle, gemaakt in opdracht van Getty Images.

Uit het jury-rapport:

FACE ON probes the most popular aspect of photography – taking and showing portraits of each other. It starts this exploration with work from leading Getty Images photographers, but does this with the intention of creating ‘a conversation of images’ and promoting discussion, creation and sharing with the viewer.

Everybody is invited to place their work in the exhibition, which is a first for a public photography museum exhibition; in doing so like to give the opportunity to act on Andy Warhol’s famous quote ’In the future everybody will be famous’. This reflects the fact that we are all portrait subjects and makers. Not surprisingly therefore, Getty Images’ Creative Research team’s found that 51% of images used in advertising are portraiture and that the portrait is the fastest-growing area of photography for professional use in editorial and advertising. In personal or amateur use, the portrait rapidly has become the most important photography typology spurred by the ease of digital photography and online and mobile applications.

This is the first project to engage with how the portrait straddles these public and personal worlds. In turn, FACE ON exists in two worlds – the real and virtual space. It is both a website and a museum exhibition experience. It is also generating related creative events and will lead to further exhibitions at other locations and in different cities.

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